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How to play Lumosity Continuum

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  • How to play Lumosity Continuum

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    A tutorial video of how to play Continuum, a Lumosity language game.

    From the above video:

    "Hi everybody. Today, I am going to show you how to play Continuum.

    In this game, you are given some words. Your job is to position the words so that from one end to the other, the meaning is increasing or decreasing. So here we’ve got warm, cold, and scolding. I’ve repositioned those words so that the meaning is from cold to warm, to scolding, which is very hot. So, the words on the ends are complete opposite to each other. And I got that right.

    Here, you’ve got egotistical, meek, and confident. So meek is an extreme, and egotistical is another extreme. So meek and egotistical are opposites of each other. Whereas confident is a meaning that is somewhere in between. So, I’ve arranged it to be meek, confident, and egotistical. So, the meaning from here to here is increasing, and the meaning from here to here is decreasing.

    Now with this game, you can position this to be here and you can position meek to be here, so it doesn’t matter on which end you position the extreme words. And if you were to get the word order wrong, you will see this screen with the definition of each of the words, and that can help you to decide where they are in relation to each other."

    I am a moderator in this community


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