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How to play Lumosity Eagle Eye

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  • How to play Lumosity Eagle Eye

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    A tutorial video of how to play Eagle Eye, a Lumosity attention game.

    From the above video:

    "Hi everybody. Today, I am going to show you how to play Eagle Eye.

    When you start the game, you are shown a circle and objects inside the circle, including a bird, some distractions, and a symbol or a number inside the smaller circle. This circle represents your field of view. Everything happens inside this circle. So, the objective of this game is for you to remember the location of the bird and the object, symbol or number that appears inside the inner circle. So, remember the location and the number 3. As soon as you’re shown all those things, the screen quickly becomes blank like this, and you see a pointer. So, you control this with your mouse, you move this around with your mouse. And you use this to indicate the position of the bird.

    So, I use my mouse to indicate this is the position of the bird when it was displayed previously. As soon as you select the position of the bird, you’re shown five possible symbols and number that was also displayed when you saw the bird. And, remember the number 3 was displayed? So, I click 3, and a tick means I got it right.

    Here’s another example. Remember the location of the bird is here, which is at about 9 o’clock on a watch, and the number is 2. And these are just meant to distract you. Ummm…. okay, so using the pointer with my mouse, I indicate that this is the position of the bird. And as soon as I’ve done that, I choose the number 2 as the number that appeared inside the inner circle. And I got it right."
    I am a moderator in this community


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