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How to play Lumosity Highway Hazards

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  • How to play Lumosity Highway Hazards

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    A tutorial video of how to play Highway Hazards, a Lumosity speed game.

    From the above video:

    "Hi everybody. Today, I am going to show you how to play Highway Hazards.

    In this game, you are driving a car on a 3-lane highway. Above the highway is a bird’s eye view of the highway itself, and here are the 3 lanes. The objective of this game is for you to avoid colliding with objects that appear on the highway. This is one of the objects. It is another car on the highway and you’ll see plenty of cars randomly appear in any of the lanes on the highway.

    This ‘T’ in the box indicates a rough patch of road that will appear soon in the right-hand lane of the highway. So, a rough patch of road will appear in this lane. So, you’ll see this quickly before the object appears. So, you are forewarned in advance that an object will appear, and you can avoid it. And here is the rough patch of road in the right-hand lane.

    If you were unable to avoid a rough patch, what happens is you will drive over the rough patch and your car will slow down. The rough patch will not completely stop your car, but it will slow down your car when your car drives over it. Here, you are given an advanced warning that an object, in this case, the ‘X’ signifies that a green ball, will appear in the middle lane. So, you’ll see the warning before the object appears. And here it is, the green ball is now in the middle lane.

    If you were unable to avoid colliding with the green ball, it will completely shatter, and your car will stop completely and then quickly accelerate again. If you were to hit another car on the highway, that car will bounce off your car and drive quickly into the distance, and your car will completely stop and then quickly accelerate again."
    I am a moderator in this community


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