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  • Reaching your limit in each game

    I posted earlier about being curious about the highest scores achieved in each game, and I got all these peculiar responses. I just wanted to know what was humanly possible. ie. my record for speed match is 78 cards, maybe the best is a 100 or 150 ? I don't know. Competing against self is good, but when you excel at one area knowing that others have achieved much higher scores brings the knowledge that maybe you haven't reached your limit in that area. Anyways I'm a number and stats guy - it's how I understand the world.

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    My favorite "read" among these community topics are the tricks people use to "break through" old limits. Things like switching hands for a while. What worries me is when my scores start to drop because I'm bored and my attention fades into distracted thoughts. Focus!


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      Yeah focus is definitely important, I find playing other non Lumosity games can help break old limits like I play a reaction game to help me in speed (idea improving my reaction time)


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        I haven't paid attention to my highest scores. I do keep track of my LPI's and percentages though.


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          I do not want to know....competition is over for me. I do it because I know about Alzheimers, Dementia and Parkinsons and when you are over 60 try to memorize 50 words from a newspaper or a book. That's when the problems come in, slow, sneaking but steady.....


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            Originally posted by Guest View Post
            I just wanted to know what was humanly possible. ie. my record for speed match is 78 cards, maybe the best is a 100 or 150 ? I don't know.
            MyLumoLife got 100 out of 101 cards: Lumosity - Speed Match - Brain Games

            I think that is probably at the very extreme high end.

            I generally don't really care what scores other people get. Brain training is a personal thing - it benefits me, and that's all I really care about.


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              Uhh, I could probably answer your question, but there's a lot of games (49, if you count 3 available duplicates without pre-access games). For speed match, the objective limit would be your 45 seconds / (reaction time + |minimum neuron movement speed to trigger a response - card showing latency| + clicking latency). I think the best I've performed personally was 113 out of 113, although I do think I did 112 out of 115 (but number of matches is lower, still it wasn't like I was clicking randomly so maybe that still shows potential for growth). I know there was a fellow who hit 115 out of 115 matches in the old speed match in 2009 or 2011 - somewhere within that range, but I forget where I saw that. I'm sure there's a couple of people that were better than that and just didn't leave evidence online. Then again, I know of an underclassmen who repeatedly & reliably scored around 100 ms on the human benchmark thing averaging around 130-150 ms when I was still in high school using the school computer. So maybe for people with faster reactions, they could hit it in the 260s after accounting for clicking latency. -Which is kind of scary, yet thrilling. Card showing latency would probably be the biggest issue honestly..


              • pinkcat
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                115 out of 115...*speechless* ....113...*speechless*

              • Foolish Mortal
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                Haha thxs :P

              • CarlosTheJackal
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                Well done man!
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