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  • Lumosity Word Bubbles tips and tricks

    Techniques and strategies for Lumosity Word Bubbles.

    These tips and tricks from Lumosity players are shown to the right of some of the games on the Lumosity website. Some people may find them helpful.

    1. Using a dictionary after your game helps spur learning for the next one.
    2. You get the most bang out of verbs, going through verb tenses first, then to variations of the word in a similar sequence each time - -s, -ed, -ing, -ingly, -er, -ers, -ation, -ations, -ationally, etc.
    3. See if the first two letters of the three are a prefix to expand your thinking. e.g. un-c.
    4. Keep an eye out for major prefixes. Latin roots are your friends. And the three-lettter sequences "pro-", "pre-", and "vis-" will yield dozens of word combinations. by Celia_Bowen
    5. Consider using "or" and "our" as in "favor" and "favour".
    6. The greatest suffix of them all is -ize.
    7. Whenever you use a word that ends with "ness" you can always add "es" to it. Sometimes I try it when I'm almost positive it won't be a word, and to my surprise, it is. Great way to rack up extra points.
    8. Try compound words - coalhole, steamship
    9. I find it's easier to type the longest words first.
    10. Alternate spellings like defence, realise.
    11. The word length determines which bubble moves up.
    12. Suffixes are key. Don't forget about tion(s), ness(es), or ization(s/al).
    13. The endings "or and "our" for example in color and colour give more opportunities to gain easy points!
    14. At first I used to focus on many words or long words, but I get higher scores when i focus on groups of words of the same length to get the bubble to the top.
    15. You get more points for bubbles when they are rising the second and third time, thus work on getting bubbles to the top before getting all bubbles out of the water.
    16. If you're stuck, type one letter and see if the four-letter combination triggers any new words, and so on...
    17. Get as many bubbles out of the water as you can to score the most points.
    18. Virtually every word that has a suffix of "ness" can also have a suffix of "nesses".
    19. Active reading, such as texts, novels and newspapers, builds greater word vocabulary and better scores.
    20. Verbs are your friends, 'cause they often have so many possible endings: s, ed, ing, ings, er, ers
    21. If you get stumped try running through each vowel at the end of the sequence. That usually jogs the vocabulary.
    22. Studying scrabble dictionary list of small uncommon words helps.
    23. Press the Tab key to put the last word in the guess box!
    24. Once you have found a word, try adding common word endings like 's' and 'er' to get even more words of different lengths.
    25. If you haven't filled up the '4' letter star and have run out of words, just hit random keys....
    26. Try to go through the whole alphabet to think of different ending phrases(ing, ed, etc.).
    27. Hit the down arrow key after you enter a word in order to quickly add other endings to that word.
    28. Think of different pronounciations of the first three letters. If the letters are "pin", you might find yourself thinking only of words with short i sounds.
    29. Try adding "ness" and "nesses" and "ive".
    30. Each bubble is worth 30 points for the first word, 60 points for the second, and 90 points for the third word. Lengthy words aren't work any more points than short ones.
    31. Shoot for verbs. Conjugations and tenses add up quickly.
    32. Include British and American spelling ('ize' and 'ise', 'honour' and 'honor' etc).
    33. Don't waste time trying to remember the correct spelling of a difficult word.
    34. When I get stuck on a word, I find that sounding it out helps a bunch.
    35. The word root isn't necessarily the first full syllable of potential words.

  • #2
    I'm at 19860 high score/ 102 words.
    (that is on a LG phone - not a desktop)

    Share your scores?


    • AnnaBanana
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    • raisedbyrats
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      17660. Congratulations on an amazing score.

    • Anna Baptist
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    high score 31740


    • AnnaBanana
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    is there a way to erase all the letters entered to get back to the root? When I press the down arrow it just deletes the last letter.


    • HappyKlown
      HappyKlown commented
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      If you press the backspace key, you can delete any and all letters entered (before you press the Enter button to submit the word). I just tested this on both the website and phone app.
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