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  • Lumosity By The Rules tips and tricks

    Techniques and strategies for Lumosity By The Rules.

    These tips and tricks from Lumosity players are shown to the right of some of the games on the Lumosity website. Some people may find them helpful.

    1. This game is NOT timed, so take the time to examine each card, that will make it easier to discover the rule faster.
    2. By level 5, outline of the box was added as a rule.
    3. Don't rush yourself... You have ALL the time you need.
    4. Don't be afraid to invest in an element that first seems consistent, 9 times out of 10 you're correct!
    5. Have a detailed sentence in your head about the first card that is accepted in every new rule before continuing. (Two, Empty, Blue, Triangles, Dashed.) And keep saying it in your head as you continue through the rest of the cards in the rule. It gets really easy to distinguish, trust me.
    6. Use the arrow keys for sorting!!!
    7. This is one game where time is your luxury. Take as much as you need.
    8. Always begin by choosing "Follows the Rule". Remember the items that do and do not pass in such a way that you can eliminate what elements are excluded.
    9. To begin with always assume the shape fits the rule.
    10. For practice away from Lumosity, play the card game Mao.
    11. The rule is NOT necessarily on the first card or two!
    12. Try saying the actual shape or color out loud. It will help you!
    13. Do not get frustrated if you guess a rule incorrect! It's going to take some time for you to figure out the rule-so you have to make a mistake. This game involves a lot of "learning from your mistakes".
    14. Once you unlock Level 6 you need to be aware of a possible addition to the rules, i.e. the outline of the box.
    15. Don't get downhearted because you got some wrong, that is partly the purpose of the game.
    16. Take as long as you want... it doesnt make any difference, and you have more time to think.
    17. Until you learn the rule, you will need to guess and get some wrong. Don't let this discourage you. Take note of the characteristics of each card so you can narrow down options and discover the sorting rule in as few moves as possible.
    18. Use the left and right arrow key as shortcuts! Left=Doesn't follow the rule Right=Follows the rule.
    19. Examine the first card carefully and state its characteristics to yourself - that makes it easier to catch what's the same or different about the next ones.
    20. If you say the name of the shape and the color out loud while placing the card, it is easier to discover the rule.

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    Tips for getting really high scores:
    o Getting 12 and then 13 rules solved is possible.
    o This game is in the Puzzle category, not memory, so feel free to write down the cards as they occur with their yes or no result.
    o Getting 13 solved puzzles at level 6 takes patience and luck.
    - Luck because, the cards are generated at random, so give no clue as to which rule the card is associated.
    - I tracked thousands of cards trying to figure that out
    - Some card series will thus be solvable by only showing 2 cards
    - Some card series will thus be only solvable after showing more than twelve cards
    - If you are unlucky and draw long solvable series, then you will be out of cards by 6 solved rules
    - If you are lucky (on average, one in 800 games played), then you will get enough 2 and 3 sets where the solution comes quickly enough that you solve 13 rules before running out of cards
    o Always answer YES, except when
    - The answer has to be NO (all the traits appeared on previous NO cards)
    - If a YES answer would reduce the possible traits (a trait with only one answer left) from 6 down to 1 (too good to be true). i.e.,
    ... for example the 1st card, cgbAtr, is a YES and the 2nd card is dheAsu because there were 6 traits with only one answer left after the 1st card, and if a YES on the 2nd card, would have solved for the rule, "A".
    ... but answer YES if the 1st card, cGbAtr, is a YES and the 2nd card is dGeAsu or cGeAsu or cGbAsu or cGbAtu or cGbAtr (answer YES if going from 6 to 2 or 5 to 1 possible traits; NO only if going from 6 to 1)
    o Quit the game early if (not following this makes you play more games than needed)
    - after rule 1 solved you have less than 79 cards left
    - after rule 2 solved you have less than 69 cards left
    - ... 3 ... 59 ...
    - ... 4 ... 51 ...
    - ... 5 ... 44 ...
    - ... 6 ... 37 ...
    - ... 7 ... 31 ...
    - ... 8 ... 25 ...
    - ... 9 ... 19 ...
    - ... 10 ... 13 ...
    - ... 11 ... 7 ...
    - then at 12 completed, you need 1 card left to get to 13
    o The game ignores the number of cards left if you keep answering correctly


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      Thank you so much for your significant contribution! You are highly skilled in this game! We would love it hear from you again.

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      Good job.
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